The formation of the National Federation of the Restaurant Sport in Armenia!

The cooperation of the World Federation of the Restaurant Sport (WFRS) and the Republic of Armenia

The head of the culture Committee of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia Hayk Babukhanyan supported cooperation with the World Federation of the Restaurant Sport (WFRS) and formation of the national Federation of the Restaurant Sport in Armenia!

He also supported the activities of the WFRS and IRC assessment of the level of Stars restaurants in partnership with Michelin, etc. according to a patented technique SHA IRC (IRC).

7 July 2017 г., Russia

SHrating — Stars Hospitality Rating

The launch of the first system worldwide star restaurants since Michelin took place in 2017

The main purpose of the rating Hospitality - the revival and establishment of the hospitality culture, forming a common attitude is not only about a single institution, but also of each country as a whole.

Rating of restaurants is formed on the conclusion of a specially created expert committees consisting of prominent experts. Rating is based on developed and patented coefficients (the SHRating owner is SHA Internationai Ratings Center, Israel). The main criteria of peer review include: the availability and relevance of the information; communication, efficiency and multilingual staff; execution of obligations; security; meeting with guests; cleanliness and comfort; overall impression and more.


The main objectives of the classification of the restaurants are:

the formation of customer confidence to the participants of SHRating;

to provide consumers with relevant and reliable information about the restau­rant under the category provided for in this classification procedure;

improving the competitiveness and attractiveness of the services of restaurants, aimed at increasing tourist flows and the development of domestic tourism by strengthening consumer confidence of rating participants.

You can become a member of SHrating sending a request in the "Caterers" this resource.

21 February 2017, Russia

Restaurants and social networks:

a photo as a sales tool

Today the Internet and social networking is an integral part of our lives, and the success of the restaurant often can determine not only location but the beauty and photogenic of food

With the help of social networking sites like Instagram and Pinterest food photography has become the universal scale, because the food - one of the most common and daily experience of each person. Of course, photos and well-written description of the dishes can greatly influence the success. There were cases of sales growth of 30% and more when administered to a photo menu.


Of course, the principle position of some of the restaurant is the lack of pictures on the menu. Moreover, menu without pictures perceived by people who consider themselves professionals of the restaurant business, as a sign of belonging to a clan "gastronomic" institutions. However, here we are talking about a different picture - amateur photography cooked meals by guest. After all, these photos are the most powerful advertising tool.


In 2016 the leadership of the American Chilis restaurant chain said it would invest 750,000 dollars to make their meals more "instagram-look". A founder of the "Dodo Pizza" Fedor Ovchinnikov shared with readers in his blog: "We want to learn how to shoot the best pizza in the world!".


But we must not forget that the location of your restaurant should be a good, service – to be professional and any beautiful dish are delicious. Only the combination of all factors can guarantees the success.

15 February 2017, Russia

10 gastronomic festivals held in Russia in 2017

The service "Poster-Food" organizes gastronomic festivals throughout Russia.

The cities participating in 2017 will be the following: St. Petersburg, Sochi,

Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Kazan.

The first festival will begin in May 2017, the second wave will be held in the fall. "Poster-Food" will invite several renowned chefs on tour to other cities with dinners and organize master classes for guests of the festival.


"Today's guests - very curious, they love to discover new places and tastes, all of them are interesting. They usually have a few "favorites", but they are often rotated. That is why a variety of concepts is very important. People choose what restaurant to go by their mood "- Adrian Ketglas (Brand-boss Petersburg SimpleWineBar, chef Moscow institutions GrandCrubyAdrianQuetglas, AQ Kitchen, AQ Chicken, Adri BBQ, Michelin star holder).


"Thanks to the St. Petersburg gastronomic festival 99% of guests have visited our restaurant for the first time. Half of their-our target audience "- Marina Naumova ("Almond").

17 January 2017, Russia,

VI specialized exhibition of equipment for hotels, catering business and trade "RestoOtelMarket"

The sixth time specialized exhibition of equipment for hotels, catering business and trade "RestoOtelMarket" will be held for 24-26 March 2017

at the hotel complex "Yalta-Intourist"

The event has established itself an excellent platform for dialogue among the representatives of the Crimean hotel and restaurant business with manufacturers from Russia and abroad. More than 85% of the visitors are the executives and industry experts, owners and founders. In 2016 the exhibition was attended by more than 100 companies and more than 2,000 visitors.


In 2017, participants of the "RestoOtelMarket" present at the exhibition a wide range: spa facilities, catering, commerce, the hotel industry to textiles, protective clothing, bed linen, tableware, glassware and related products, furniture and accessories for restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts.

11 January 2017, Russia,

The Russian Ministry of Industry wants to develop

the habit of Russians to visit restaurants

The Russian Ministry of Industry makes a plan, according which the visiting restaurants should become a Russian habit.

The government wants to reduce the financial burden on the restaurant business - to slow down the costs, reduce the price of food and beverages in catering establishments.


As the Head of the Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, today Russians spend for restaurants only 9% of their salary. The Minister also gave a comparative description: this figure consists 47% in the US.


The development strategy of public catering in Russia will actively developed in the second half of 2017.

9 January 2017, Russia,


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